Checkpoints for a Good Fitting

Place you breast form into the pocket of your bra. Adjust the straps and put the bra on. Check the following points for a good fitting:

  1. Adjust straps to hold breast form close to the body, otherwise the breast form may feel too heavy.
  2. Bra straps should be close to the neck, not resting on tilted shoulder.
  3. Be sure the bra fits snuggly around the body. A loose bra will ride up.
  4. Bra touching center breast bone is ideal (totally contains the natural breast and helps keep breast form close to the body). Yet it may not be possible if surgery is in that area or you have an inverted breastbone.
  5. Breast should fill the cup (no spillover, no empty spaces)
  6. Breast form should fill the cup matching the natural side. Measurement from nipple down to bottom band should be the same on both sides.
  7. If there is a depressed area above the breast form as it curves toward the underarm, SEW IN TAB (Style 83) acts as a shelf to keep the breast form from falling back into the cavity area
  8. Reasons bra may twist to the side and be very uncomfortable are:
  9. Breast form is not heavy enough
  10. Cup on the natural side is too small
  11. Flesh under the arm hangs over the bra, use underarm cushion (Style 69)
  12. Fit bra so it is center front and center back. You can always achieve this when using accessories mentioned above.