Customer Bill of Rights

  1. The Jodee Co. is committed to serving your needs by providing you quality products.
  2. The Jodee Co. is committed to helping you with your fitting, always with your personal needs in mind.
  3. The Jodee Co. welcomes exchanges if necessary to give you an appropriate fitting.
  4. The Jodee Co. will refund your money if you are not satisfied.
  5. The Jodee Co. is committed to always treat you in a caring and professional way.
  6. The Jodee Co. will ship as quickly as possible after receiving your order.
  7. The Jodee Co. will provide an explanation of our mastectomy products, prices and how to take care of them.
  8. The Jodee Co. will live up to, and explain to you, all guarantees and warranties. Your satisfaction is important to us.
  9. The Jodee Co. welcomes your suggestions and questions. We will address your complaints immediately. We want to know if you are not happy in any way. Please call us.
  10. The Jodee Co. will file your Medicare Claims for reimbursement to you if Medicare is your primary insurer.
  11. The Jodee Co. will refer you to the appropriate DMERC when we can not answer your Medicare questions.
  12. The Jodee Co. will provide a copy of Medicare Supplier Standards to each Medicare Customer.
  13. The Jodee Co. will provide a copy of Customer Bill of Rights to each Customer.
  14. The Jodee Co. in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), will make your records available to you to view and copy with the right to amend.
  15. The Jodee Co. will protect your privacy as stated in the HIPAA Privacy Practices brochure you received.
  16. The Jodee Co. will review this Bill of Rights with our Fitting Counselors in our ongoing training program