4 Steps for Finding the Perfect Fit

Finding the right bra isn’t as straightforward as it may sound. There is a lot for women to consider when shopping for their perfect bra, and we have helped break down the process in four simple steps.

beautiful bras for breast cancer survivors

1. The Bra

  • Depending on your stage of recovery, there are different mastectomy bras that may be more or less appropriate for your specific situation. Jodee-JCPenney team will help you discover the right products that offer the highest level of comfort and support.
  • You wll need a mastectomy bra that features bilateral interior pockets that are built to keep your breast forms secure. Each of our mastectomy bras is specifically designed to hold our unique breast forms, ensuring a perfect fit.
beautiful bras for breast cancer survivors

2. The Comfort

  • Your mastectomy bra should have adjustable straps and should be created from the softest, most comfortable materials. At Jodee-JCPenney, we only produce mastectomy bras using the highest-quality materials for the most comfortable fit.
beautiful bras for breast cancer survivors

3. The Details

  • Just because it is a mastectomy bra does not mean you should sacrifice on beautiful design! Jodee-JCPenney’s mastectomy fashions prioritize both comfort and creative luxurious design, allowing you to look and feel like your best self.
beautiful bras for breast cancer survivors

4. The Fit

  • The only way to find the best bra is to get a proper mastectomy bra fitting. Our certified mastectomy fitting specialists can help you carefully measure your bra size to guide you along your shopping journey.

At Jodee-JCPenney, we work hard to create the beautiful, comfortable, high-quality products you need to regain confidence. With our broad range of sizes and exquisite designs, we’re sure to have a perfect fit for your specific needs. Contact our team today to schedule a mastectomy bra fitting or shop our bras online.

Why Jodee-JCPenney?

Life following a mastectomy is a challenging time for any woman, and at Jodee-JCPenney, we are committed to being your support system for every step of your mastectomy bra shopping experience. When you choose Jodee-JCPenney for your mastectomy fashion needs, you’ll always receive:

  • High-Quality Products: We only use the highest-quality, USA-sourced or imported materials to create each of our mastectomy bras, breast forms, and swimwear, ensuring long-term, maximum comfort.
  • Creative Design: Each of our mastectomy bras features a beautiful, flattering design to fit each of our customer’s stylistic preferences.
  • Professional Care: Our team of certified mastectomy fitting specialists has proudly served since 1971, providing them with the superior service they need to navigate one of the most challenging moments in their lives.

Whether you are seeking professional mastectomy fitting services or are ready to shop mastectomy bras online, our team is available to help you experience renewed confidence in your beautiful body. Explore our mastectomy fashion products online today.

Jodee-JCPenney for Your Mastectomy Bra Needs

No matter what your post-surgery fashion needs may be, Jodee-JCPenney’s team has the knowledgeable fitting experts and superior products available to meet them. Get the perfect fit for your mastectomy bra and start feeling like your best self again by shopping Jodee-JCPenney online or contacting our team today!