Jodee-JCPenney Size Chart

Jodee-JCPenney Size Band & Cup Dress Size
XS 34 A 8
S 36 B 10
M 38 C 12
L 40 D 14-16
XL 40 D 18-20

Fitting Tips

How to Ensure a Good Mastectomy Bra Fitting

Our team of certified mastectomy fitting counselors is here to help you find the most comfortable, affordable fashion solutions for your post-surgery needs. Use the guide below during your mastectomy bra fitting to ensure the perfect fit:

1. Place you breast form into the pocket of your bra.

2. Adjust the straps and put the bra on.

3. Check the following points for a good fitting:

At Jodee-JCPenney, we are committed to helping every woman find the most comfortable solution for their post-mastectomy life. That is why we’re proud to carry mastectomy bras available in sizes AA – II, and bra band sizes 32 – 52. You can even submit a request for a custom mastectomy bra size via our online contact form, or by phone at 800-821-2767. Contact our team to get started with your mastectomy bra fitting service today!

Why Jodee-JCPenney?

Life after surgery is an emotionally challenging time for survivors. Women need a team of dedicated specialists who can make them feel confident and beautiful following their experience. At Jodee-JCPenney, our team takes special care to help women look and feel their best following surgery. When you select our team for your mastectomy bra fitting service, you will always receive:

  • High-Quality Products: We only use the highest-quality, USA-sourced or imported materials to create each of our mastectomy bras, breast forms, and swimwear, ensuring maximum comfort for the long-term.
  • Creative Design: Each of our mastectomy bras features a beautiful, flattering design to fit each of our customer’s stylistic preferences.
  • Professional Care: Our team of certified mastectomy fitting specialists has proudly served since 1971, providing them with the superior service they need to navigate one of the most challenging moments in their lives.

No matter what your post-surgery fashion needs may be, Jodee-JCPenney’s team has the knowledgeable mastectomy fitting specialists available to meet them. Get the perfectly fitting bra you need to feel like your best self by contacting our team today!

Schedule Your Mastectomy Bra Fitting Service!

Whether you are seeking mastectomy bra fitting services “near me” or are looking for an online solution to meet your needs, Jodee-JCPenney's has the products and services you need to find the perfect fit. Featuring a broad range of beautiful bras available in nearly every size, there is no better team for your post-surgery fashion needs than Jodee-JCPenney. Contact us to find your perfect fit today.

Still have fit questions on how to choose your size?

Speak with a certified fitter: 800.821.2767